Let us soundproof your space

Effective noise control is not a one-size-fits-all design. We can review your current or to-be-built assembly to determine how to best soundproof your space. We’ll work with you to engineer high-performing, cost-effective assemblies for commercial and residential buildings.


Stop impact and footfall noises with our acoustical flooring products. Compatible with a variety of flooring materials

lightweight acoustic underlayment for blocking sound

dB4 Lite
Floor Underlayment

This lightweight acoustic floor underlayment is designed to be compression resistant for optimum sound-blocking performance.

subfloor sound isolation

dB4 MAX Sound
Isolation Underlayment

This subfloor material is easy to install under any hard surface flooring, including carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic and tile. It can be loose-laid, making installation quick and easy.


Block voices, music and television from traveling from room to room with our wall noise barrier materials

damp noise across sound spectrum

Sound Control for Walls

dB3® is used primarily behind finished wall or ceiling surfaces to block and damp noise across the sound spectrum. It is also extremely effective as a pipe and duct wrap.

tough, flexible mass loaded vinyl

dB3® Lite

Energy Dissipator

Specially formulated to be lightweight, dB3 Lite is tough, flexible and proven to perform better than equivalent mass loaded vinyl products (based on laboratory test results).

acoustic material and impact isolator

dB3® MAX
Heavy-Duty Noise Barrier

This heavy-duty acoustic material and impact isolator popular among architects and contractors offers robust soundproofing performance. Can be installed in new and retrofit wall applications and ceilings.

acoustic material and impact isolator

dB3® Renovate
Noise and Vibration Isolator

Adding dB3 Renovate to new and existing light gauge metal framed walls reduces low frequency noise by as much as 50% when it's covered with a layer of 5/8" gypsum.


Use our ceiling soundproofing product to create more private and productive workplaces in areas with drop ceilings.

multi layer high-performance sound blocking barrier

dB Top Stop

for Drop Ceilings

dB Top Stop combines multiple layers of material to create a high-performance, sound-blocking barrier in office spaces and other areas where drop ceiling tiles are used.


Reduce disturbances caused by air handling equipment with our specially formulated sound blocking material

minimizing airborne noise from mechanical systmes

dB Lag

Pipe Wrap

dB Lag minimizes airborne noise from mechanical systems. It can also be installed around plumbing pipes and air ducts and has a wide range of temperature tolerance.


Enhance the application and performance of your dB soundproofing products with our line of accessories

adhesives, tapes and putty enhance performance of soundproofing products

dB Accessories

Our line of accessory adhesives, tapes and putty enhance the application and performance of dB soundproofing products.



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Let us soundproof your space